S39 Super DApps is going to be launched soon

The Community-Driven & Gold-Backed Powerful Token – S39

One of your key objectives as a crypto-investor would be to invest your digital holdings in actual commodities and generate big profits. S39 Super DApps is going to be launched soon.
Isn’t that right?
Certainly, we are aware that staking might make you money, however, it is only a sort of interest payment on your digital assets.
The gold-backed S39 token, however, is here to alter all of that. It is a revolutionary cryptocurrency token whose value is derived from real-world investment ventures.

But what’s the big deal?

Let me tell you about it…
The S39 ecosystem is a cryptocurrency initiative that allows users to invest in real-world investment projects using their finances.
The S39 coin is the ecosystem’s support/utility token.
It is also the native crypto-token of FINDEXX, the World’s First Arbitrage Exchange.
PURE gold backs the token’s stability (0.5 grams per token). But wait, there’s more!
Token growth in the future will be driven by community actions and the launch of real-world enterprises.
When you buy an S39 token, you join an ever-expanding community. You may now invest in a variety of project transactions, including real estate, minerals, agriculture, and e-commerce, which will ultimately increase your revenue.

Yet, there are more perks and features of this community-driven currency that demonstrate that it is one of the most profitable investments of the twenty-first century.

Staking Rewards
Indeed, you read that correctly! You can stake S39 assets and earn up to 20% APR in S39 Token if you do not wish to engage in projects. Isn’t that wonderful?
Low Trading Fees
Transaction fees might have an impact on your trading profitability. But, if you trade S39 on the FINDEXX market, this will not be an issue. But why is this so? Therefore you get a staggering 50% savings on trading expenses.
Aside from being backed by 0.5 grams of gold, each S39 token is backed by a variety of assets. In fact, the Mining project is currently valued at a stunning $15 million.

But I’m not finished yet. Let me introduce you to two more important S39 projects: S39G and Blockchaincert Programme.


S39 token holders can join in the gold minting initiative to possess actual gold with a purity level of 999.99%.
The S39G coin is built on the GRC-20 network, which is situated in Dubai and is noted for being the quickest network with nearly no gas expenses. This well-known project will let consumers to buy a minting bot technology using S39 tokens at a 10-15% discount. Members can use the bot to acquire access to actual gold redemption!

S39 projects will be listed in S39 Web3 and Super Dapps via decentralized technology, which will be linked to real-world commodities, providing stability to its ecosystem by supporting tangible physical commodity products such as gold, minerals, real estate, natural gas, agriculture, and many others.

It is backed by real-world projects and can potentially be one of the biggest crypto projects. S39 is a global directory of blockchain decentralized applications aka D’Apps.

They are utilizing the MERN Technology. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. This technology is quicker and quite more efficient than traditional servers, making it apt for small apps.

MERN makes use of JavaScript to facilitate and accelerate full-stack web app development. This simple full-stack JavaScript framework comprises Frameworks, Libraries, and Databases.

Super DApps bridges the creators and users to further mass market adoption and growth of multiple businesses. S39 Global also offers a partnership program in a blockchain community via decentralized minting technology. Another exciting feature is that S39 token can also be utilized in S39 Global Super Dapps.

What is Super D’Apps Technology?

S39 is community-powered, with the ability to develop and adapt as company requirements change. The token’s stability is supported by PURE GOLD, and its future growth is supported by community business use.

S39 Token info

S39 token is a profit-sharing token from all the S39 projects

S39 makes money by supporting the production of these commodities through real-world projects. As part of the prosperity ecosystem, this revenue will be distributed internationally among Super Dapps users.

S39 token is a gold-backed token

S39 is community-powered, with the ability to develop and adapt as company requirements change. The token’s stability is supported by PURE GOLD, and its future growth is supported by community business use.

50% discount on the trading fee at findexx.net

You can get a %50 discount on the trading fee at findexx.net.

How much does it worth?

In the last quarter of 2022, Findexx IEO launchpad will launch the S39 token, the main token of the respective exchange. It will take place upon successfully backing the token with USD 10.39 Billion valued gold.


Many people find blockchain and cryptocurrency to be difficult and daunting. We’ve been hearing about blockchain for years, and many of us want to become engaged but don’t know how.

S39 GLOBAL has eliminated the guessing. There will be no phony meme tokens here! Real projects with real assets, delivered to you in the privacy of your own home.

Minerals tokens will be the first exciting project of S39 Global

S39 Global collaborates with Lytra 84 Plus Mineral to create the first tangible mineral project with a value of 15 Million USD. Overall, 6 Billion tokens will be minted for this crypto project. The project is divided into 3 phases where the demand for the mineral tokens increases from phase 1 to 3.

The minting will be done by purchasing a minting power license

Send S39 tokens to S39 Global and convert them to S points for the minting power license activation, Earn mineral project tokens daily through the minting process. Utilize the mineral tokens in other projects or withdraw using DEX( decentralized exchange) found in our Super Dapps.

S39 Global joins together with Lytra 84 Plus Mineral to develop the first tangible mineral property worth a whopping $15 million USD. A total of 6 billion tokens will be created for this mighty crypto project. The project is organized into three parts, with the need for mineral tokens increasing from phase one to phase three.

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